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I am Nawazish Ali, An extremely passionate and enthusiastic self taught web application developer from Karachi, Pakistan. Currently working as a full time employee at a Javascript consultancy firm in Pakistan. I am also running one of the freeCodeCamp’s Local study groups in my city and frequently organize community meetups to help fellow campers and students and provide them with an opportunity to connect with industry professionals. If you don’t already know is an E-learning platform focused on Javascript, It helped me break into tech industry and I am just trying to give back to the community. I also love doing Open source contributions and you can see some of the projects listed below as well as on my github account.

I have a keen eye for design and you might see that in almost all of my projects. I try my best to make the things I build look beautiful as well. Talking about other things I like to play video games, love coffee, favourite color is blue, enjoy the company of like minded people, love to sleep and best of all Coding. (Trust me this is uncommon :P).

I am not finished yet, I also have a Medium article in which I shared my journey of how I became a self taught developer, You can read it Here.

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